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Through the Cabin Window – November, 2018

100 YEARS AGO, 1918

♦ HUNS SIGN DRASTIC TERMS TO END WAR was the headline. The Armistice between the Allies and Germany had been signed, it was officially announced by the state department. Hostilities ceased at 11 a.m.

With not a pound of explosives to be found in the county, B.F. King and a party motored to Little Rock to get a supply of powder with which Conway would continue the noisy celebration Continue reading

The Dipping Vat Saga: “Looking Back”

From 1907 to around 1943, Arkansas participated in a federal initiative to eradicate the ticks that caused Texas tick fever among the state’s cattle herds. The ticks mainly came into the state during the 19th century Texas cattle drives, although there is some evidence that they were in the state before the Civil War.

Arkansas’ climate and the common cattle practices at the time provided Continue reading