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Spring 2018 Facts and Fiddlings Published

Facts and Fiddlings journal, Faulkner County Historical Society

The 2018 spring edition of Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings, the Faulkner County Historical Society’s journal, is now available. This special commemorative issue highlights the recent restoration of the Springfield-Des Arc Bridge at its new home on Beaverfork Lake.

Previous Faulkner Facts and Fiddling articles by Guy Murphy and Fred Petrucelli about the bridge’s restoration in 1992 are reprinted. They recount the bridge’s history as well as Continue reading

Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings Published

Facts and Fiddlings journal, Faulkner County Historical Society

The most current issue of Faulkner County Historical Society’s journal, Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings, is now available. The issue again highlights more of Conway’s cornerstones, markers, and entablatures, continuing on those mentioned in the fall 2016 issue.

Jackie Oates Robinette, retired from teaching middle school science and health in the Conway school system, is the author of a touching article describing and honoring the life or her beloved mother-in-law Lyda Ester Bush Robinette. The story is entitled “She Never Climbed a Mountain.” Also included are more of local story-teller Joe Ward’s homespun and humorous life stories.

“Doin’s At The Museum” by Faulkner County Museum Director Lynita Langley-Ware reports on the reopening of the museum after repair and mold abatement, as well as setting up new displays and the ongoing work to get the hundred-plus year-old building ready for its anniversary celebration. There is information on the museum’s fundraiser, the Buy A Brick – Save A Treasure effort. The museum still has commemorative Christmas ornaments for sale.

The Faulkner County Historical Society is always interested in receiving stories and articles about county history: persons, towns and communities, founding fathers, businesses, buildings, historic events, places, forms of entertainment, etc. Help with ideas and writing are available by contacting any board member or this edition’s interim editor, Judy Krepps Corcoran (judyc[at]

The issue is available for $4 at the Faulkner County Museum, the Faulkner County Library, or by calling 501 329-8584. The Historical Society invites all those interested in county history to our Facebook page. For more information call 501 329-8584.

Fall 2016 Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings

If it is diverse reading subjects and styles you like, then the current issue of the Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings may be what you’re looking for.

For fifty-six years the Faulkner County Historical Society has published a journal twice a year with articles of county interest, geographical and historical significance, and even occasional humor in each issue. The stories continue to abound, thanks to the Faulkner County citizens Continue reading

Fall 2015 Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings

Harve Township, Faulkner County, Arkansas (Courtesy of ArGenWeb)

Photo from ArGenWeb, used with permission.

The fall 2015 issue of the Faulkner County Historical Society’s Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings is now available. It features the research and writings of Charles D. Parsons who is steeped in the history of the families, institutions, local history, and genealogy of Harve Township and the city of Holland in Faulkner County. Parsons is an eighth generation resident of Holland and a social studies teacher at Greenbrier High School.

A very long local mystery is solved through Parsons’s research in one article. It covers a controversial death in the county that happened over 100 years ago. Continue reading